Saturday, June 11, 2011

Just arrived in Venice

This morning we took the 9:30 train from Orvieto, transfered to a high speed train in Bologna and arrived in Venice mid-afternoon. The train tracks actually go out along a bridge for a couple of miles so it feels like the train is running on the top of the water. There must be at least 50,000 tourists here. The train was packed, but nothing like the station where we bought a three day vaporetto pass. This card will allow us to hop on and off the vaporettos, which are Venice's buses. We've had a great time in the past week, two days in busy Florence and five days at the farmhouse in Umbria. The farmhouse is halfway down a canyon with a steep and narrow road full of switchbacks. Our first night there it rained so hard that Fasco, the handyman who comes by every morning advised us not to try getting up the hill. It wasn't too much of a hardship though to stay in such a beautiful and rustic place with its view of magical Civitta across the canyon. I wish I could post photos as I've taken hundreds, but that will have to wait until our return. For the past three days we've been driving around visiting several different hill towns in the area, all with narrow stone streets and tall stone buildings. Yesterdayl we visited Villa Lanti, an amazing Renaissance garden that climbs up a hill from the little village of Bagnaia. And today--Venice. It's 6:40 pm and we've unpacked. All the bells of the city are ringing now so I think it may be time to head out and find a glass of wine and some dinner.


  1. Lovely...
    I enjoyed Venice so much and two of my most often told funny stories come from the time I spent there...
    ummmm new post idea ! in honor of your trip...
    I just know your having a wonderful time.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. Love Venice - have a wander to Via Garibaldi. It's on the Arsenale and for some reasons very few tourists. I stayed in an apartment there a few years ago and loved it. Have a great time.

  3. a dream of mine - to live in venice even for a week. the sid has done that so listen to him!!! steven

  4. I am sooooo jealous! I can't wait to see your photos!

  5. Wonderful to hear from you. Sounds like you guys have hit your stride! What's been your favorite wine and meal so far? And how is the coffee???

  6. You've found some wireless! Nice to hear from you. I know you're enjoying Venice.

  7. So glad you're having a good time. I trust Jamie and others can get your housesitting challenges resolved. We're just plugging away trying to ignore all the blather about the Canucks and now the riot. I think you are in the right place today. Mell's wake was remarkable -- a beautiful day, place and remembrance. I look forward to telling you more.
    Love, Jock


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