Monday, July 25, 2011

Summer at Mount Washington

About three hours north of where we live in Victoria there's a ski area called Mount Washington.  It's also a pretty summer destination with its boardwalk around the alpine meadows.  That's where I went with some of the members of my book club this weekend to celebrate our 20th(!) anniversary.

In normal years there would be lots of nice walks in the meadows in the middle of July.  But not this year.  This year Mount Washington had a record snowfall.  Someone told me that it was 57 feet of snow.  So much snow that they were still skiing on the first of July.

Here's what the boardwalk looked like on the 23rd of July.  Still lots of snow.

That didn't stop us from having fun and enjoying some nice walks, although we weren't really expecting this kind of terrain.

It's a beautiful place and as winter segues into a late spring there are lots of plants and flowers to photograph.

The Paintbrush in several colours.

Something called a Marsh Daisy (I think), which seemed to thrive in the snowmelt in the meadow.

The lovely Lupine.

 And the wild Columbine with its delicate ballerina costume look. 

I guess if spring is here in mid-July, can summer be far behind?  Here's hoping so!



  1. Hard to believe there is still that much snow up there at this late date! Your photos are gorgeous and maybe those wouldn't have been there if there hadn't been the late snow.

  2. Wow, snow in July.
    I really like the Columbine and last photo.
    Your comment..."if spring is here in mid-July, can summer be far behind ?"
    So cracks me up, very funny for someone living in Tucson.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. Yes - it's the same up high in CO - lots of snow still to melt. Those Marsh Marigolds are lovely - like little drops of sunshine. Congratulations on 20 years of Book Group - that must be a record.

  4. Yes, snow in July is a bit unusual, but the flowers are blooming anyway. Barb, thanks, I don't know how many book clubs last that long. We're always joking about what our meetings will be like when we're in our 80s.


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