Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Summer weather--at last

Summer has finally arrived in Victoria. It's about six weeks late but we're just happy to see it at all.  It arrived on the 10th of August and it looks like it might stay until at least the end of the month.  Even though it just arrived there's a definite hint of fall in the air. 

I have to say that this is my most absolute favorite kind of weather--warm sun, cool breeze, softness in the air, and golden sunshine.  I love August because the colors change here from the usual heavy west coast green and gray to golden grass and blue skies and water with a counterpoint of bright and flowers. 

 A calm afternoon by the breakwater with a sailboat idling by.

Gem-like Nasturtiums in the garden.
The Canada geese are gathering at the beach.  Some of them winter here, some fly south.

Yellow grass in the field where we take the dogs for their morning romp.

And a beautiful single rose blooming along a fence.

Here's a toast to August.


  1. My glass is raised to summer - at last! Now if it can manage to sick around for more than a month, I won't complain. I agree that it is perfect Goldilocks weather: just right.

  2. Yes, don't you just love it out there right now! The air smells so good! I really hope it manages to stick around for more than this month too...right through September would be grand!

  3. Looks great there. Here in northeast Georgia (USA) the heat has been persistantly brutal for months now. I personally am looking forward to autumn.


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