Sunday, November 18, 2012

Autumn colours

Just when the skies turn grey and clouds congregate and everything starts to become dull and depressing--that's when the leaves put on their finest colours.  

The muli-hued Liquid Ambar leaves paint mosaics on the grass....

Here's what they look like close up.  I love the way one leaf can display several colours.

Then there are the golden-toned beauties like these, their glow is set off by the fact they're sitting in a puddle on the driveway.

But perhaps my favourites are the combinations of russet, gold and mahogany, with the blue overtones like these ones.  I love the texture of the different layers of leaves and the way the colours work off each other.

Oh wait though, what about this chestnut leaf still showing some green with its beautiful veining and the fan shape and the holes in the leaves....?

.... or this coppery leaf with the pink stem through the middle and the water droplets?  They're all just such a beautiful contrast against the grayness of the season.

I hope you can find a moment to treasure the autumn colours in your part of the world.


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