Thursday, January 31, 2013

Squares of painted paper

I just started my painting class a couple of weeks ago and I never thought I'd come up with something to hang on my wall so quickly.  But I was so excited with the first task of working with symmetry and value that I ended up with about two dozen small pieces of painted paper in tones that worked together.

Playing around with them I came up with a some larger pieces whose composition I liked...

So I refined it and glued them onto a board and Harry framed it for me.

Voila, a new piece of art for the dining room wall.

How fun is that?

I'm working my way into abstract painting and I know it's not always as easy as this.  It's nice to have something I like to look at right away though.


  1. Very cool. It must be nice to have a framer so handy :)

    I can also see those pieces a little smaller and with magnets on the back. Then I could have them on my fridge and play with the colors and designs. They would make a beuatiful change from my Scrabble letter sentences.

  2. Hey good idea Steph. Maybe I'll make you some.

  3. I have several abstract paintings in my Denver house. I love the interesting shapes, patterns, textures, and colors. Now you have daily inspiration on your wall!

  4. What beautiful colors.
    How interesting and fun that you have played around with them and made something that you liked. I think this looks fabulous framed.
    I can't wait to see what you will be doing next.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. Thanks Parsnip. It was fun to use these experiments to good advantage. I'll be taking two classes a week when we return from Mexico so there may some progress.


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