Friday, July 5, 2013

Still in demolition mode

The destruction continues upstairs at Yukon Street. Now we're taking plaster off the back wall of the kitchen to create a little utility room under the eaves for a washer/dryer and some storage space.  You can see the opening just beyond the fridge and the stove.  When we opened the wall the heat trapped under the hip roof rushed in an reminded me that the rest of the world is experiencing a stretch of lovely weather.

We've now also removed another little wall between two doorways in the hall to expand the arched opening into the new living area.  You can see where the little wall was where the beam and electrical cord exit the ceiling. Take a look at Harry's expression here and you'll see how tiring this work has been.

Today we detached the vintage Youngstown Kitchen sink and drainboard that has served this little apartment since the 1950s.  It's somewhat beat-up and stained but still functional and may be just what someone else wants for their retro kitchen. We have an on-line buy and sell site here in Victoria and I'm hoping to get somebody to come and give me maybe $75 and take it away.

Next week we meet with the plumber and the electrician and the drywall guy.  Plus we're going to get one of those honking big bins for the debris.  Hopefully a week from now we'll have ended the destruction and all the  plaster, wood, carpet, underlay, laminate and lath will be gone so we can begin the to rebuild.


  1. Re modeling is such a great idea. To reuse and not destroy more land to build new is very smart but it can be a huge PAIN.
    I know this because I was married to to builder and we bought messes and fixed them up and then sold them. I never really got to enjoy all the hard work. Plus I raised three kids like that... So I truly understand being tired.
    That said I love the remodels you have shown before so I can't wait to see more of this one.

    cheers, parsnip


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