Sunday, November 17, 2013

A dog's eye view of the world

I think this photo might have been a mistake. But it cracks me up.  This is what our dogs see when they walk into the room.  They don't see the tasteful colours we've chosen for the walls or the elegant accessories on the coffee table.  No, all they see is the ball.  Or the food bowl.  Or the piece of garbage that came in from the sidewalk on the bottom of your shoe.  

Geordie loves this ball because it squeaks and when he's too distracted to play with anything else, this will get him running around the back yard.

In the background here you see Maggie.  She spends most of her time on her cozy pillow in the kitchen but she still likes her breakfast and dinner.  And today she came to the park with us and ran around in circles with the Frisbee in her mouth.  Although she's had a couple more seizures since we've been home, she seems comfortable enough most of the time. So we are enjoying the time we have with her.


  1. It does make for a good doggie perspective.

    That is good about Maggie

  2. Awww the sweetest post ever.
    That is what The Boys see too.
    What cracks me up is when I take a photo and I see a toy here and there under the table, chair or usually in the middle of the floor ! they are always about so I think I am so use to then I don't see them anymore.
    The Boys can pull their basket of toys out and toss the toys out till they find the right one BUT they never seem to put them back.

    I am happy to hear sweet girl is doing so well.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. Thanks William and Parsnip. We are appreciating every day with Maggie girl.

  4. Sweet post. I never thought of what my dog (and my bird who rules the house from the floor) sees in their view. Hugs to your doggies.


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