Thursday, April 24, 2014

Garden destruction

We're having a new garden put in at the back of our house. But before you can build the garden anew there's the destruction phase, and that's what we're into here at Yukon Street this week. In just three and a half days things look very different out back.

Here's the old deck and the wall of ivy.  It looks kind of pretty but the ivy had taken over and was threatening to overwhelm the space, not to mention toppling the fence behind it.

Here's the deck emptied of furniture. You can see that the wall of ivy sheltered us from the view of the apartment behind.  Our plans are to redo the wall in brick with a privacy screen above it.

The ivy comes down revealing the 30 year old fence behind it. This fence was being pulled over by the ivy.

Behind the fence is another fence completely entangled in ivy.  More destruction is required.

The deck is removed to reveal the cement pad beneath it completely covered in soil after 30 years.

Finally here's the second fence removed showing the ugly parking lot behind us.  That wall of ivy did a good job hiding it.  The tree roots and plant material will be hauled away along with a lot of earth. 

The destruction is complete.... and now we begin the process of rebuilding the new design. The old soil is being taken away and will be replaced with new, amended soil. We will have a stone terrace and a brick wall topped by a privacy screen.  And on the wall, just about where that dark square is there will be a wall fountain and a water feature along the edge.  I'm hoping it will have the feeling of a private courtyard.  

I just hope it looks as nice as I'm thinking it will as there's a lot of effort and destruction involved here.


  1. Goodness that ivy really did cover a mess !
    Will you be building a double wall as a sound barrier plus plants to help with parking lot noise ?
    From your posting before I didn't know that you had an apartment building next to you.
    I just know from what you did with your home this garden will come out fabulous ! I can't wait to see it.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. Our little street is tucked between an area of smaller houses and an area of apartment buildings. The parking lot is not really big or busy so we're hoping that the fence and some plantings will do the trick.

  2. That'll take a whole lot of work....

    Ivy might look beautiful, but it becomes so overwhelming as it does damage to a structure.

  3. What a huge job you have undertaken! I am sure it will be worth it in the end. I live in an older house and the city has built up around it so I can appreciate a privacy fence. Looking forward to seeing the "after"!


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