Thursday, April 9, 2015

Ice flowers

My friend Jackie and I had such a fabulous time today photographing flowers frozen in ice.  

Something amazing happens when the flower is partly frozen in ice--it becomes very other-worldly.

To give you an idea how it's done, here's Jackie focusing on the upturned ice bowl.  She collected them  from her garden and froze them in water the night before.

You can find her photos and more at her blog:

To me these images have a kind of Victorian quality to them, perhaps because of the colours of the flowers she used. Plus the idea of pressed flowers. But there's the added dimension of the bubbles and lines of the ice that give them a magical quality.

And of course there's the bonus of the ice reflecting the ambient light in quite a lovely way.


  1. yes, it was so much fun! There are not too many people who would spend 1 1/2 hours with me focusing on magical flowers! There are more on my blog if you might be interested.

  2. Oh My Goodness !
    These are so beautiful and otherworldly.
    I posted some photos years ago of the ice water in my frozen water bottle.
    It is another world ! and so beautiful.
    I must try this.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. plus I was going to ask what is in the second to last one when the lime green bounces off the deep purple so well.

    2. Hi Parsnip, I think that is Helebore, two different shades? You can ask Jackie at her blog:

    3. What at terrific blog today. Just so beautiful.


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