Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Heat wave in Victoria

May was the driest month on record, and so was June. We've also been breaking heat records here. Usually if we get hot weather it lasts three or four days and then it cools off and rains. But not this year.

The tomato plants are growing like crazy and I'm watering some pots twice a day. Berries are ripening three and four weeks ahead of time.  It feels more like California than B.C.

It's alarming given the global context--but so far we're liking it. We've been eating out on the porch almost every day and we've been able to invite people over knowing that it won't be cold or rainy.

But the heat is starting to get to us. Sleeping is difficult even with a fan going.  Air conditioners aren't really something we've had much need for up to now.

 We've been getting out in the country and going to the lake and the beach.

It's been a little hot for Geordie but we've managed to get him out to the lake for a swim a few times. We walk him in the morning and the evening when it's cooler and the rest of the time he hangs out beside the fan.

We spend time in the back yard, sitting in the sun early in the day and finding shade later on. When it gets really hot we stick our feet in the fountain.

Across the street the six families in the apartment don't fare so well. Their only outdoor space is this little front porch and that's where the kids (and adults) congregate. Either there or in the park when it's not occupied by homeless people.

To cool off today and celebrate Canada Day we enjoyed icy gin and tonics made by Sue. The forecast is for yet more heat and we're trying everything we can to say cool.

I'll leave you with a photo taken last night from the top of a friend's high rise apartment where we went for dinner.  This is a sunset view of Victoria's Parliament Buildings all lighted up. 


  1. So amazing you have such hot weather.
    I love that your trying gin and tonics to cool off. They have strange glasses that you put into the freezer then pour you drink into stir and instant slushy. That might help.
    Your friend have the most beautiful view !
    Wonderful photos as always.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. Thanks Parsnip, I like the idea of slushy G&Ts. You must be experiencing some pretty hot weather where you are too.

  2. You need some of the rain we've been having!

    1. Yes, we could use it for sure. It's crazy. Usually we're envying your temperatures and sunshine, but not this year.


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