Sunday, February 21, 2016

Spring has arrived on Yukon Street

The last few days we've felt the arrival of spring, with more light, warmth and sunshine. In the garden cheery primroses, crocuses and tiny daffodils are popping up.

Yesterday all the kids from the apartment across the street tumbled out onto the sidewalk and into the park to play.

The park's looking good with the flowering cherry trees and green grass. It's looking up here on Yukon Street.


  1. Meanwhile here we had half a metre of snow!

    Lovely shots.

  2. Too much fun and so beautiful.
    You street is looking like spring.
    cheers, parsnip

  3. Spring is starting over in Langley, as well.Enjoy reading your blog, Joanna. Heather Clark Cooper sent me the link. We were in Queen Mary together; I was Loraine McKay then. I was sorry to read about your Geordie. My Geordie is a Bearded Collie, and he's my first sports dog. It's a great learning experience.
    Loraine Wong

  4. Beautiful photos. Warm greetings from Montreal. :)


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