Saturday, May 20, 2017

Mercado Roma and Calle Amsterdam

We spent most of yesterday walking around a really lovely neighbourhood not too far from where we're staying.  It's in an area called Condessa, home to wonderful leafy streets and classic buildings, some colonial, some art deco, some more modern. We started out at the Mercado Roma, a new upscale market full of contemporary food and treats.

Then we walked down to Calle Amsterdam, which we learned of from our friend Andrea, who lived in Mexico City for some time.  Calle Amsterdam runs in an oval circle around a lovely park. Apparently it was originally a racetrack for horses owned by a countess. Now the track has been turned into a lovely avenue with a wide pedestrian walkway in the middle, completely shaded by trees. It was a perfect place to stroll along in the heat of the day.  Here's some of what we saw.

This is the Mercado Roma, a new building with flower stalls outside,

And inside some wonderful food vendors and restaurants, with a gorgeous outdoor eating area.

On a Friday morning there weren't tons of people there but everyone was relaxed and happy. We didn't indulge in much except one of these gourmet Mexican creamsicles (called paletas con leche)  and some tea. On our way out we spotted this ultra-cool thing--uber food delivery by motorcycle.  What a great idea.  

Then we wandered over to Calle Amsterdam, a two- or three-kilomoter oval surrounded by classy coffee shops, galleries, restaurants and stores, and home to lots of young, hip people.

This place opens at night. When the green door slides up you'll probably see a sidewalk cafe.
Some of the apartment buildings on each side of the street.

It's easy to take photos from the middle walkway.

Here's a view of the path with a young couple walking their dog. We saw so many well cared-for dogs here. And dog walkers too. Reminds me of Victoria.

These darlings were waiting outside an upscale grocery store. And below is a fellow with three big dogs hanging out in the shade in the plaza by a Moorish-themed fountain.

I'll leave you with a couple more views of the vegetation and trees. We walked for a long way in the middle of a hot day and it was simple cool and pleasant.

Of course if you get too hot you can always get a cool coconut from the vendor.

This is a view of the street along the edge of the oval that bounds the lovely Parque Mexico. It's an area we'll go back to for sure. If we ever come to Mexico City for a month or so we'd love to find a place here--that is if we could afford it (which I doubt). But it's a great place to wander around.


  1. That colourful countertop really catches my attention, but it's the dogs who are the most welcome sight!

  2. So nice, lovely area. I love all the tree lined streets
    Condersiding how many people live in Mexico City, I am amazed by how empty it looks.
    Nice to see care for dogs in Mexico.
    We have several animals groups saving dog from the border, they bring them up here to save their lives. I support one such group.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. Hi william and parsnip,
    yes I agree that it's nice to see the dogs being cared for. Too often here that's not the case.


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