Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Victoria's upper harbour

This week we moved out of our house into our little studio at the Janion so we could welcome a family from France on a home exchange. The Janion is a small (300 square feet) studio that we've set up for Air B&B this summer. It's been fun welcoming people from all over the globe to our small city. This week we've been enjoying some of the tourist in the summer downtown activities like dining out, walking around, window shopping and enjoying the view from our studio.

This is what we see from the west window looking onto
 Victoria's upper harbour. It's a view of the upper harbour, further up past the famous "inner harbour" where the parliament buildings sit. In this photo you can see the little harbour ferries that criss-cross the water in the summer. And across the water is the working part of the harbour. There's a drydock and loading facilities.Note the rowing sculls out there. They come up and down between the bridges every morning.  And I'm super interested in them right now because I'm learning to row along with three other women.  I'll tell you more about that in another post though.

It's fun to see the boats going back and forth and the paddle boards and kayaks and outriggers. We were surprised at how active this part of the harbour is. Here's another view showing some of the docks across the way.

The weather has been gorgeous with sunny skies and calm air. We've really enjoyed staying in our tiny apartment and drifting out onto the street right in the heart of Victoria's old town. Here's our living area and a view of the restored stairs that were original in the 1891 building.

The family from France is having a wonderful time visiting here. They are on a six-month family adventure and we're their first stop. Last night we had a wonderful salmon dinner together in the back yard and this morning my sister brought her dog Toby by for a little visit. The children loved him. Next year we're planning to visit their town, Albi, in the south of France.

One last view of the little harbour ferries for you.

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