Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Seville scenes

I gave myself the task of choosing 25 photos to represent Seville. It was hard to choose because it's so vibrant and fascinating. Here's what I came up with. 

Sugary treats are available in fancy stores like this

Everyone has cell phones, and lots have scooters

Tile work on an old store front

Visiting the market is an everyday event

Never did find out what this religious parade was about.

The tourist scene by the Cathedral with horse and carriage

Sevillianos love to get dressed up.

Tiled murals are all over the place.

The Sunday flea market

Cafe scene in Triana

An alleyway bar on Sunday afternoon

Children playing as dusk falls

Moorish details on a downtown building

An evening bar with families

Gathering at the Metropol Parasol

Man out for a stroll with his dog.

A 15th C church from the top of the Parasol

Typical narrow street with no cars or parking

Beautiful details on this building...

And this one.

Children play in a pool at the Alcazar

This church is 400 years old, reminds me of Mexican churches.

Flower seller on a pedestrian street

Door detail in the Santa Cruz barrio

Typical tapa bar, this one with mounted heads of bulls.

These photos are taken with the iPad since my camera seems to be unable to download photos to my computer any more. It's a bit more cumbersome than the camera but I've managed to get some nice ones and the lens is not too bad.

Tomorrow is our last day here and we will be sad to leave. We figure we could easily spend a couple months exploring Sevilla--but we would choose to come at a time when it's a bit cooler. Maybe in November or March or April when it's in the 20s rather than the 30s during the day.


  1. Every photo is a jem. The one I like best is the top of the Parasol looking towards the church. How did you up that high ?
    You have taken me to a place I will never get to see with all your lovely photos.

    Thank You.
    cheers, parsnip

  2. Wonderful architecture, particularly the cathedral.

  3. Thanks Joanna - enjoyed your pics immensely. Yes you can see glimpses of colonial Mexico, but Spain is has a flavour Of its own. I need to read your blog so I can see where you've been!


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