Thursday, October 4, 2018

Moss Street Market and a walk in the cemetery

On Saturday morning Sue and I headed off to the Moss Street Market, one of the best places to see friends and pick up some local organic produce. As usual my camera couldn't stay in my pocket. There are just too many beautiful, colourful vegetables to photograph. 

We have to get there right when it opens at 10:00 because all the best veggies are snapped up pretty quickly. Once we've made our selections we can head over to where the music is happening. This week it was Slim Sandy and the Hillbilly Boppers, a local couple that really get things going on the guitar and the washtub. 

Our next stop was the Ross Bay Cemetery, one of the oldest in Victoria. And we enjoyed a stroll among the lovely trees looking at gravestones from a century or more ago.  

I hadn't visited this place for years actually but for sure I will be back. It's a funny thing--when we travel I make a point of visiting cemeteries in Eastern Canada and France and Mexico but I'd forgotten that we have a spot right here in Victoria that's just as lovely.

There's even a lovely carved angel. I like the way she has her foot lifted as if she's walking.

We headed home after that and I spent some time making this beautiful beet soup for dinner.


  1. The cemetery is a beautiful one!

    I get down to our main farmers market most weekends. I tend to go for baked goods on a regular basis.

  2. My comment was not published ? ? ?
    Of course it was magnificent and wonderful.
    What I said was so happy your camera found your way out of the pocket !

    cheers, parsnip and badger


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