Sunday, June 17, 2012

Not my Canada

Wednesday I attended the first demonstration I've been to in probably 30 years.  It was to oppose Stephen Harper's Conservative government's Omnibus Bill, C-38.  I won't go into detail about this budget which has hidden within it many bits of legislation that bring Canada backwards in terms of its social services and environmental protection.  Stephen Harper is taking Canada in a direction that most Canadians do not support.

That's my friend Ritchie holding up the sign I made.  Elizabeth May is my Member of Parliament and I am so proud of her for standing in the House of Commons for more than 20 straight hours doing her best to debate and oppose this ominous bill.  Naturally, with a Conservative majority in parliament, the bill was passed.  But I was heartened to see that there are people beginning to stand up and speak out about the damage that is being done by this government.  

This sign is in reference to Stephen Harper's plan to bring more oil tankers to British Columbia's coast and to build a pipeline bringing oil from Alberta's tar sands across our province to fill the tankers.  He's systematically dismantling all agencies that oversee environmental protection so that this can proceed.

I'm pleased to see so many young adults taking a stand.  It gives me some hope for the future of my country.  

The problem is that there are three progressive parties in Canada and only one conservative party.  We've recently seen the progressive votes split three ways so that the Conservatives  can form the government with only 39% support of the Canadians who vote.  Personally I think a couple of these parties should merge so that we have the potential of electing a government that might be able to move forward with a Canada I can be proud of.   


  1. Good for you standing up for what you believe in.
    Good luck.

    I too am in fear of the way my country is going.
    I think this week I will be writing about what is happening to my lovely state and America because of special interest group and political group only out for greed.
    In America you now can get what you want with lies, cheating.
    Unlike you I have no hope for my state or America

    cheers, parsnip

  2. If only those progressive parties could find a way to work together.


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