Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sushi at sea

The other night we went out with some friends for a unique sushi experience on a North Sea Trawler.  

Moored in the Sooke Harbour this boat called the Rolano is owned by Captain Ralph who, with his young woman sushi chef puts on special dinners in the harbour.

He's quite a character with a storied past, which includes breaking the new story of the Mei Lai massacre and being drummed out of the USA.  He's had this amazing ocean going vessel for many years and now runs a B&B plus the Sushi at Sea dinners.  Part of the experience is seeing him change from his captain's jacket to a Japanese silk one.  He actually wore three different ones as he served the sushi throughout the evening.

We sat in the main cabin around a polished table and tasted a beautiful variety of freshly-made sushi.  It's informal and you can bring your own wine (which we did) and have a special dinner with good friends.

Here's the feature sushi with fresh albacore tuna.  I have to tell you that it was delicious--plus it was a lot of fun.  A nice way to spend a sunny Friday evening in June in Victoria.


  1. Lovely dinner and evening. Looks wonderful.
    Women are not normally sushi chefs. So to have food prepared by one is a treat.
    Tucson has one woman sushi chef and the day I went to her restaurant she wasn't there. But I did enjoy the dinner !

    cheers, parsnip

  2. Sweetness! Wine and sushi and you won't have to call me twice. lol

    You know what? I ordered some sushi at a beach resort in La Union, Philippines a few months back and it arrived...warm!

    I asked the waitress why.

    She said (and you'll freak out here) that she nuked it.


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