Monday, July 2, 2012

A walk in the green woods

 We took a little Canada Day jaunt through the woods with the dogs yesterday.  And I was struck by just how green everything is there.  At this time of year in the Pacific Northwest there's still a lot of rainy cool weather so nothing has dried out.   No matter which direction you look, everything is green.

Above are the leaves of the trees backlit by the sun; below are brilliant green leaves pushing out of the soil.

To the side the sun brings the dark cedar branches to life and lights up the daisies with their green background.

Even the rocks are green where they're covered with moss.

And the final touch, these lime green berries on a salal branch.  They'll ripen to a deep purple colour but right now they're in keeping with the green theme.

I've been thinking about the East Coast where they're suffering terrible heat and storms and I am grateful for the natural air conditioning that keeps things cool and green here.


  1. Only wish we could benefit from some of that life giving rain here in CO! Your photos are lush.

  2. so lovely to have you here once more with all your beauty and balmy green refreshment. thank you for your gift of renewal.

  3. Beautiful green reminder of home.

    This part of the East Coast is very green still. The sea fog hasn't lifted yet this morning.

  4. What a beautiful green themed photo's you have on your blog, so special, I think they are great, thanks for sharing.


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