Monday, August 13, 2012

Saturna escape

Last night I got back from a weekend trip to the cabin at Brown Ridge with four of my best women friends. Sunburned, talked out, and a bit hung over kind of sums it up. Oh yes, stuffed to the gills with delicious food too. It it was a wonderful time.

The cabin sits atop a ridge that's at least a thousand feet above the ocean on Saturna Island in the Gulf of Georgia between Vancouver and Victoria. The nearest neighbour is about a mile away. It's so serene and beautiful without traffic noise of any kind.

Here are a few photos to give you an idea.  My friend Joan with her camera taking a photo looking south towards the islands far below.

Here was our evening wine and cheese on the deck at sunset.  Looking down we see huge freighters heading south down Plumper Sound towards Seattle.

To the north and west we see misty islands fading into Vancouver Island in the distance.

The highlight of our trip was the goat parade. A herd of feral goats lives on the ridge and often as dusk falls they wander in a line in front of the cabin. We were honoured to see them on Saturday evening.

The goats walk along the edge of the ridge and then stop to look back at us as they round the cliff and head towards their night time sleeping place.

The lamps are waiting in the window to be lit as the sun sets.  There is no electricity at the cabin so we use these for light at night.


  1. Oh, I am green...with envy. That looks like the most wonderful place. The goats, the mists, the view. And that ship bathed in golden light. Ah, amazing.

  2. Such a lovely trip. What a wonderful photos, you live in a most enchanting place.
    It was only 109 in Tucson today with the monsoon in full bast. Rain, lighting and thunder everywhere. Very different from you.
    Is this the same place you went to last year ? I remember the beautiful photos from that visit. I think the goats where there too ?

    cheers, parsnip


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