Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Virgo birthdays and verisimilitude

I'm not sure why it is but Virgo birthdays are big in my life.  It seems that the majority of my friends and family have their birthdays as August wanes and slides into September.  August 27 is my dear husband's birthday and this year marked his 70th(!)  So of course we had a late summer party.  

In preparation I pulled out some old photos of Harry and did a double take on one taken at his first wedding in 1964.  He got married just out of university, which wasn't unusual in those days.  That's how things were done back then.  

The uncanny thing is just how much our son Jamie looks like Harry in that long-ago photograph.  They're about the same age and they're in the same T-shirt and sunglasses. But there are 48 years separating them.  Take a look.  Do you see a resemblance?

Here they are now in August 2012 wearing matching sweaters and happy smiles. 

And here's Ben, Harry's first son, sitting with his girlfriend on the steps talking to Jamie and my friend Wendy, who by the way also has a Virgo birthday.

Happy birthday to all the Virgos.


  1. Great birthday photos! It's uncanny how much your son looks like his dad, not only when your husband was younger, but still now! A chip off the old block! It looks like really happy festivities!
    Have a lovely week! Sandra

  2. Father and son look so much alike! We also have a lot of Virgo birthdays! My daughter and I have the same Virgo birthday on the 4th...she was a lovely birthday present! Also a niece, BIL and MIL also. Take care, Cathy

  3. That is an amazing likeness. Funny how we don see these things until we start with the photos. August is heavy with significant days here, too. Two grand-daughters a week apart. Plus several friends, some wedding anniversaries and those remembered birthdays for those who are no longer with us. I always have a thought for them on their special days.

    I think August is a great month for celebrations since it's usually always perfect summer weather.


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