Sunday, September 2, 2012

The lovely fawn

Yesterday I was up at the cabin at Saturna Island for the day saying goodbye to summer and we saw the most beautiful little fawn, still with its white spots very near to the house.

The fawn was inside the gate just walking around among the trees quietly browsing on some grass.  There was no sign of the doe, even though we watched for quite some time.

It didn't seem to be injured or frightened.  In fact it was quite approachable and even allowed us to get quite close while it was lying down in the grass.

Isn't it amazing how well the fawn is hidden in the grass in these two photographs?

It's hard to know what to do with wildlife that seem alone and abandoned.  I'm told that does sometimes do go off and leave their offspring for a while.

We brought it a big pan of water in case it was thirsty and went for a walk along the cliffs to give it some peace.

Here's my brother and his daughter Callie on a rock overlook. Far below we could see the splashed of a pod of Orcas swimming through the channel.

On our return from the walk we found it the fawn very near to the barn and Callie was able to get quite close to it.

By then I had to leave to catch the ferry back to Victoria, but this morning I called my brother for an update.  He said they saw it again in the evening and put out some apple pieces and bit of watermelon.
This morning the apple was gone and the inside of the watermelon had been eaten but there was no sign of the fawn.  Let's just hope that the doe had gone on a little walkabout and returned for her lovely fawn.


  1. It is indeed hard to know what to do. I hope Mum comes back and all will be well.
    Lovely photos as always !

    cheers, parsnip

  2. The fawn will be fine. These animals have a basic instinct that permits them to survive. In fact, not to be snooty, but trying to tame it or feed it could lead to its ultimate demise. They are unable to tell whether the people are nice (like you) or are a hunter looking for some venison. Think about it. They are some really nice pictures!

  3. Sweet pictures of the fawn. I hope the mother does come back. It does look very young to fend for itself even though Jeremy above thinks it will be fine! I don't know anything about these lovely animals, so I'm happy to believe him!

  4. Aren't fawns just the most beautiful babies? I'm sure Mama Deer returned. Maybe she even sampled some of the treats.


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