Friday, September 14, 2012

A walk through the Pantheon neighbourhood

Yesterday we walked across the river and wandered through the cobbled streets and piazzas to Campo di Fiori, the famous fruit and flower market,then to Piazza Navona with its fountains and sculptures, ending up at the Pantheon. Here are a few images from our walk.

This is one of Bernini's river gods from a fountain in the Piazza Navona. The pigeons seem to like it.

The interior of the amazing Pantheon, built by Hadrian in 140AD as a temple to all the gods. The dome is a perfect circle within the building, as high as it is wide (142 feet from the floor to the centre of opening at the top). This dome was studied by both Bruneleschi who built the dome in Florence and by Michaelangelo who built Saint Peters. It has been a Christian Church for 1400 years.

Here are the huge columns on the Pantheon's portico showing the worn marble and granite.

It rained hard while we were at the Pantheon so we sat it out in a bar with a glass of wine. Once the downpour was over we walked through the shiny cobbles to the Argentina Largo tram line to get a ride back to our hotel.


  1. I love those climates where the rain is short-lived.
    Bernini is my favorite sculptor. The pigeons have good taste.

  2. Lucky you! I like the photos.

  3. Rome looks spectacular! The Pantheon is breathtaking. Living vicariously through the two of you so have a great time!


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