Saturday, September 15, 2012

Along the Tiber

Here are a few views of our walk back from the from the Vatican yesterday. We took the Lungotravere, Italian for Along the River. It's a pleasant walk along a sidewalk lined with trees on one side and a stone wall on the other. At various points stairs go down to the lower level where people ride bikes or run.

We passed several bridges and the Ponte Sisto, a pedestrian bridge, is my favourite. It is nearly 2000 years old!

And here's a scene of Saint Peter's dome. We didn't actually go there as we were exhausted from the crowds at the Vatican Museum.

The museum was incredible and it was cool to see the Sistine Chapel although the ceiling was so high and the light so dim and the crowd so packed that it was hard to see much. This is one of the statues from t he museum that caught my eye. It reminded me of Geordie.


  1. Humbling to think of all those feet passing over the bridge in 2000 years.


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