Thursday, September 20, 2012

Our Italian casa

The house we are staying in here in Valle is typical village Italian. It's deep and narrow and four storeys tall. You enter into a small vestibule with long stairs ahead of you. To the right is the kitchen; and that's it for the ground floor.

On the second floor is our bedroom, the bathroom and a small living room dominated by a huge fireplace opening. I think they used a stove in here but now it's just a gaping hole.

Then up more stairs to the third floor where there are two more bedrooms and a wooden staircase up to the top where there's a little unfinished room (perfect for an art studio?), and the door to the terrace on top with a fantastic view.

It's actually more stairways and hallways than rooms but even so, we definitely have room to put you up if you can get here before the middle of October. The weather has been a little cool but it is supposed to go up to 78F on Sunday.


  1. Gorgeous settings, gorgeous place! Enjoy!

  2. So wonderful but only for people with good knees !
    You must feel like tour in heaven.

    cheers, parsnip


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