Sunday, September 30, 2012

Visiting trulli town

I had read about the ancient cone shaped trulli of southwestern Italy so when we found ourselves near the area of the trulli after getting off the boat from Dubrovnik we took a detour down to Alberobello to see these structures. The trullo (singular form) is a circular stone hut with a roof of concentric flat stones tapering into the centre as they rise, forming a distinctive shape. The roof is topped with a decorative and symbolic form. Apparently these structures have been built here since the middle ages and probably long before.
As we drove tpwards the Alberobello we started to see some trulli as outbuildings on the farms. And looking around us we could clearly see by the rockwalls and buildings that this rocky land offered just the materials needed to build them.

The town itself is quite touristy but that didn't matter because wandering these lanes of whitewashed houses was a trip. It felt as if Snow White and the seven dwarves might come out of a door at any moment.

Most of these buildings are probably fairly recent, as they have modern doors and windows, plus electricity. In fact you can even rent rooms in some of them to stay the night. But as we left to head home to Valle I saw an older style that's probably the an example of a more authentic trulli.

Now this is truly a trulli!

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  1. Fabulous ! The first photo is wonderful.
    Touristy our not, I think it is great that the newer home have taken the basic design feature and embrace the modern.
    I must say though, I am very enamored of the older original style but not sure about spending a night with the cows and chickens, modern door and window please.
    I have seen in photos some similar style buildings in different areas, must trying looking that up.
    What a fabulous trip you are having !

    cheers, parsnip


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