Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Caribbean Sea

There are thousands of tourists here on the Mayan Riviera eating in restaurants, swimming in pools, going on tours to archeological ruins, and hanging out in bars drinking and dancing the night away. And we've done some of that too--but the star attraction here is none of these things; it's the stunning turquoise beauty of the Caribbean Sea.

Since we've been here we've floated across its clear waters on a ferry and in a glass-bottomed boat, we've swum over its reefs while snorkeling at the island of Cozumel and in the sheltered bay at Xel-Ha. We've walked its beaches at Tuluum and here at Playa and we've seen it in some of its moods.

Even when the sky is cloudy, it's so beautiful and caressing and welcoming, so different from the austere coldness of the North Pacific. I'm entranced with the Caribbean and want to experience as much as I can in the four days remaining.

It was cold last night and people are walking around with sweaters so swimming may not be in the cards today but this morning I took a walk along the shore and watched the sun rise over the ocean with the fishing boats getting ready to go out and the birds playing in the water.  It's just so beautiful.


  1. I have a friend who loves to cruise the Caribbean. She just loves the color of the water and talks about how very beautiful it is.
    What a vacation you are having.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. Paradise or not, you take such beautiful pictures, Joanna, plus I love the way you write. I'm starting to regret we'll only see the "austere coldness of the North Pacific" this winter...enjoy the rest of your week. When we were last in Tuluum (1973), there were only a few thatched stores/huts and we camped in a coconut plantation. Couldn't even get any gas to leave for a few days, not that we wanted to.

    1. Hi Heather,
      Thanks for your compliments. We were in Tuluum briefly in 1984 and there was a little ticket office and not much more. The temples were mostly rubble and there were bits of stone all over the site. It's quite different now and the archeological site is all restored and signed with grass and roped off paths. Progress I guess. It would have been a nice place to camp back then.

  3. If these are iPhone pictures it's working pretty well. Had a lovely visit with Jan and Sue on Sunday. Now I'm longing for a languid swim in the Caribbean.

    1. Hi Jock,
      Thanks, yes they are iPhone pix. The light here makes it easy. Wish you could be here to go for a swim. Jan was so pleased that you guys made it over for the party.


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