Friday, February 8, 2013

The Hotel Layseca in San Juan del Rio

We totally lucked out with this hotel in San Juan del Rio.  It's just two blocks from where our friends live and two blocks from the beautiful church where Jose will be married tomorrow.  This is an adobe style building with a beautiful interior courtyard full of tropical flowers and tile work.  Our room on the ground floor opens out to this lovely covered walkway complete with finely worked wooden benches.

The same beautiful woodwork is on the beds and chairs in the rooms.  This photo shows the ceiling with its beams. We think it must be at least 16 feet high.

We slept deeply last night and awoke to sun shining through the transom above the wooden doors.  Peeking out I could see citrus fruit hanging off a tree. It turned out to be grapefruits.  And the most beautiful flowering Datura I've ever encountered. (See below.)

This one has creamy double flowers.

Below you can see another part of the courtyard with its inlaid stones and Bougainvillea.  And one of several outdoor rooms furnished with tables and chairs for guests seating.  All this with good showers and internet connection for less than $75 per night.

What more could you ask for?

We spent the day with Jose and his sister Natalia getting ready for the big day tomorrow and the party in the evening.  Apparently there is yet another party taking place the day after the wedding.  It seems that it's going to go on for the entire weekend.

More tomorrow.

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