Sunday, April 21, 2013

Hedgehog cactus surprise

Yesterday morning we turned a corner around the side of the house to find that overnight the hedgehog cactus had come into astonishing vibrant flower.  The night before there were only buds but by morning it was a festival of blooms.  Aren't they stunning?
Naturally I couldn't stop myself from taking dozens of photographs. Here are a few that show the gorgeousness of this plant.  The stamens around the edge of the green throat are so lovely!
This one still had some buds yesterday morning, but by the evening everything had opened and this one plant had 16 flowers.

By this morning some flowers were already beginning to fade.  But just in case we were too sad to see them go, another hedgehog cactus came into bloom. This one is a golden yellow.

The desert is just so full of surprises.

And to top it off this morning we saw a young bobcat on the patio. It looked curiously at us through the window for several minutes before it hopped over the wall back into its desert environment.


  1. Beautiful photos ! can you believe the how breathtaking the blooms are and so big !
    As for the Bobcat (yea Arizona Wildcats) that is why I always look out side before I let The Boys out !
    You didn't get to see any Javelinas but you saw a Bobcat !

    cheers, parsnip

  2. Beautiful photos! What a nice surprise.


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