Thursday, March 13, 2014

Another wall comes down

Last year we took a wall down upstairs at Yukon Street to create a big open area suite.  Now, in a sudden fit of insanity, we decided to remove a wall downstairs just two weeks before we move in there.

The layout of the downstairs is kind of odd, with a largish living room at the front of the house and a nice big kitchen at the back, but separated by a very narrow hallway in the middle with a small bedroom on each side of it.

Here's the hallway. It's only 30" wide and really cuts off the front from the back of house, not to mention the light. This is looking from the kitchen into the living room.  The hallway is so narrow that if you stand in the middle you can touch both walls with your bent elbows.

We've always wanted to do something about it but we couldn't decide whether to do a major revision of the space and we were going to wait a while and think it through.

But last weekend we realized that we needed to open it up now before we move in. So the following morning we took it one of walls down. Here's the hallway on Monday morning and later the same day.

It's a smaller job than the upstairs reno, because really we're just making an archway into the second bedroom.  On the right, that's  Jamie in the room with the wall completely gone. He came over from Vancouver to help us meet our deadline. Since then we've had help from a friend who is a good plasterer and we've also taken out the angle arches at each end of the hall.                                                                                                                                                       Today the plastering is finished and I'm heading over to put a sealer coat on the walls.  By this time next week we'll be moved in.    Talk about "down to the wire"!


  1. So the hall way is still there but the second bedroom wall will be open ?
    Sounds great to me. Better now than when you have boxed everywhere !
    My home is always being ripped up some where.
    I was wondering how the move was going.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. Well, you might as well have gotten it done now as opposed to later.

  3. Yes, all that dust and debris isn't fun when you're living in the house.

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