Saturday, March 22, 2014

Final deletions

It's been a busy week getting ready for our move, packing and moving and unpacking and settling in to our smaller space.  After a couple of days here we're starting to feel at home.

In spite of all our culling and sorting before we moved, the big decisions about what had to go came only once we were here.

We knew ahead of time that there wasn't room for this bookcase that I rescued from the dump and painted about 15 years ago. It went out under the arbutus tree and was snapped up, along with many other items of furniture and household goods.

But it was only when we were unpacking that we were able to look, for example, at the three graters when there's only room to store one and let the other two go.

Here are the contents of our three (!) utensil drawers, that had to fit into one narrow one.  At least half of these utensils were sent to the thrift shop.

This is our third day here and every day we've taken boxes of stuff out to give away. I think we'll find that we'll do fine with the reduced inventory.

The place feels so much more spacious and open with the wall removed.  Here's the view from the bedroom across the hall to the opened-up space before we moved in. This room will serve several purposes: a space for my painting, a guest room, and a dressing room for Harry since there isn't room in the bedroom for his dresser or his clothes.

We've made the transition and it's feeling good.  Geordie's settled in too.  Soon I'll show you what our new home looks like with furniture.  But we still have to get rid of some things.  The big pine armoire that I thought would work in the living room as a linen cupboard and storage is way too big so it's going to be sold and we'll shop for something smaller scale that will still function as storage space.

Once all these details are sorted out I think we'll be very happy here in our smaller space without the complications of our life up on the hill.  There's lots to explore in the new neighbourhood.




  1. Joanna, it is inspiring! It looks beautiful and filled with light.

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  3. It looks so wonderful right now. I can't wait to see it when your done !
    I know about tossing things out. Right now I am putting stuff back in my studio and even though I now have more bookcase space I am still wondering were everything should go and maybe I could toss some things out.

    cheers, parsnip

    cheers, parsnip


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