Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Blogging burnout

I've noticed in recent months that many of the blogs I've been following for a few years now have stopped posting.  I think it's a symptom of blogging burnout. After a while the enthusiasm that we had for posting about our activities and lives starts to fade.

I'm feeling this as well.  I don't want to stop the blog altogether. It's something that I love to do when I travel, but my day to day existence isn't all that exciting. Writing and posting blogs shouldn't feel like a chore so I'm going to be posting only occasionally when the spirit moves me.  It may be weeks between posts, or maybe even months.

Recently I've realized that I havetoo many photographs on my iMac's hard drive. I've spent some time deleting some (over 1500) but I still have more than 20 thousand images.  Way too many. It's slowing my computer down.

I'm going to be more selective in taking photos and in deciding what to write about. But from time to time I'm sure I'll be inspired to put something up here so don't go away completely.

I'll leave you with this photograph of children decorating the road at the Moss Street Paint-In a couple of weeks ago.  I want my creativity and posting to be as spontaneous and joyful as chalk drawing is for these kids.


  1. I am very selfish hope you will not stop !
    I have so enjoyed your posts from your Halibuton Hill, the front and back yards, your good dogs and your dinner parties. Love the new town you moved into and your new backyard.
    So from selfish me just post here and there so I know what you are doing.
    I am pretty house bound so for me a blog is still fun.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. If you have an external hard drive, download them to there, or onto flashdrives for storage.

  3. I am feeling the same way about blogging, but will keep popping in to read other's. Also a little frustrated with Blogger. I also use flashdrives for storage of pictures and just keep updating them from time to time. Cathy

  4. Joanna- I will miss your posts. I've only had my blog for 1/2 year so I'm still in blog mode
    (fromtheothersideofseventy.blogspot.ca) though I do wonder if my chatter is of any interest to people beyond my circle of friends. 'Real' visits are still the best!

  5. Ches and I always enjoy your beautiful photos and stories so thank you for your past posts and any future ones :) They keep us feeling connected, although as you said, blogging has slowed for us. Ches may post more this winter… just too busy now with outside projects while the weather is good. Looking forward to your next inspiring post!


I really appreciate your comments.