Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Sedona's red rocks

Five years ago Harry and I drove through Sedona in the motorhome, got a tire repairedand drove
repaired, and drove away (it's a long story involving a frightening descent on a narrow, twists road, a cranky husband and road work and traffic everywhere). I was beguiled by the beautiful rock formations and was determined to return and explore this high desert area. So here I am with my sister on a five-day jaunt to Sedona. 

We arrived in Flagstaff on Sunday afternoon to biting cold and patches of snow. But Sedona is at a lower elevation and when the sun comes out it's pleasantly warm if you're not in the shade. Yesterday we took a trolley tour of the highlights and learned the names of some of the rock formations.  There's coffee pot rock and Three Sisters Rock, Finger Rock, and the iconic Bell Rock, seen here from the parking lot. We're planning to hike around that one before we leave. It's reputed to be a vortex of energy as well.

This beautiful formation is named after Snoopy and if you look closely you can see him lying on his back at the bottom right.  And above him on the main formation in the middle is Lucy watching TV.

The next one's a bit easier to see. this is called Kachina Rock, named after the Native spirit woman. She keeps watch over a beautiful area called Boynton Canyon, home to the very exclusive Enchantment Resort. 

Sunset in Sedona is amazing because there's beauty in all directions. As the sun goes down it shines a golden light on the rock formations making them glow even deeper red.

We drifted around some galleries and boutiques in the sunshine and made a reservation to take a jeep trip out to the Mogollan rim.  So this morning we're up early and dressing in our warmest clothes.  I'm hoping to learn about how these amazing formations were created.


  1. I can't believe I miss a post from you ? playing catch up.
    How wonderful your here. We had a small cold wave come through but it is warming up.
    Sedona is very beautiful and I am so happy you are able to visit again.
    Your photos are so wonderful as always !

    cheers, parsnip

    1. Hi Parsnip, it's been a while since I posted but on the road I love to do it. we like Sedona a lot and it's supposed to warm up tomorrow. Just a quick trip for Jan and me. Arizona is just so beautiful!


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