Saturday, November 8, 2014

The vortex at Bell Rock

While in Sedona we kept hearing about vortexes or maybe it's vortices...?  I'm not entirely sure what they are but there are several spots around Sedona that have this vortex energy.

So what is a vortex? Well you see them in every day life as a whirlpool in the water or the bathtub where the water spins. A vortex is created from the spiral motion of air or liquid around a centre. A dust devil is also a vortex.

The vortexes in Sedona are believed to be spiritual locations where the energy facilitates prayer, meditation or healing. Vortex sites are supposed to have energy flowing on multiple dimensions. There may even be a scientific explanation involving neutrinos and atomic energy.

Anyway, Bell Rock is one of the most notable red rock formations just south of Sedona and is supposedly a site of of a major vortex. There's a walking trail around and up on the rock itself and Jan and I hiked part of it on Thursday.  Here are some images from our walk in this beautiful spot.

We didn't experience anything unusual, although I managed to get some nice photos with sun flares that give a bit of an other-worldly feeling. Here and there as we walked we found piles of stones built on the ground as, as here, on fallen trees.

It may have been the vortex energy that made me lie down on my back in the red dust to capture a photo of an aloe with a rock formation in the background... but I doubt it. More likely it's just my crazy obsession with getting the right angle.

One thing we did notice was that anything white or silver showed up as turquoise while we were on the walk. I think that may be a factor of the rich red earth and its tendency to produce the opposite colour on the spectrum as an afterimage. The opposite on the colour wheel in this case would be turquoise.

In any case, we had a wonderful morning walk in the warm sun and the cool air and it is clearly a very special and wonderful spot, vortex or no vortex.


  1. Some places just feel special for what ever reason. Love the first photo. Brilliant !
    Many years ago when Shirley MacLaine and her New Age followers descended on Sedona,
    they moved rock to make lots of mazes to walk and all sorts of vortex stuff. But the Forest Service (my brother) keep having to move all the rocks back... it disturbed all the animals and the trails.
    They were very happy when see and her followers moved on to find their past lives.

    That red dust really is hard on the clothes.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. when we had a townhouse in Sedona, we walked around Bell Rock and Courthouse nearly every morning. The trail was a one-minute drive from our place,
    It is truly beautiful.


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