Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas is now in the past

Christmas dinner with friends and family.

What could be better than gathering around a festive table with loved ones to enjoy a feast? We had a wonderfully fun time celebrating. The only drawback was that my sister Jan wasn't feeling well enough to come.  Maybe next year.

Our Christmas season ended that night though. On the 26th we took our tree down and chopped it up and put all the decorations away.  We are now in serious departure mode for our two month get-away to Mexico.  We will be leaving on New Years Day and will spend two months in the balmy warmth of Mazatlan. Today we're getting travel insurance, cleaning the oven, beginning to pack and sorting out all the details involved with being away for 8 weeks.

Now I'm beginning to get excited. It started when I pulled out the summer clothes and realized that it will be 80 degrees instead of 34. We are leaving Geordie the dog at home with Carol, a friend from Massechusets, who is coming to enjoy our balmy weather. It's all relative!  

I'm thinking that I'll be inspired to do a bit more blogging in the new year with the tropical experience. So keep in touch. 


  1. Given that you'll be leaving soon, it's understandable to pack away the Christmas stuff so early.

  2. What a lovely photo.
    I am happy you had such a wonderful day.
    Enjoy your trip and stay safe. We have had trouble here.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. also... I would love to see more of your new home, considering all the work you did !

    2. Yes I should post some more photos of our place. The photo above, however, was taken at my friend Heather's house. (Ben's mom, who hosted us for Christmas dinner.)
      Happy new year to you.


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