Friday, March 13, 2015

Last views of Mazatlán colour and textures

Before we are fully immersed in our lives back in Victoria I want to post this gallery of images from the streets of Mazatlán.  Many, but not all, of these buildings are vacant. And you can't always tell which is which by looking.  This one is being repaired and restored I think.
Some have more than one address number (showing that street addresses have changed at least twice in the centre of town).

 Here's a contrast between on that is falling into ruin and one that is very well kept.

So many of the buildings have arches above the door filled in with a variety of wrought iron details.

Here's a closeup showing peeling paint colours on an abandoned building.

I just love the found juxtaposition of colours.

We admired the circular corner on this building and the elegant details above the windows. Sadly this one has trees growing through the walls and is likely beyond redemption.

These two little ones are definitely occupied. The one on the right is a dark above that looks to be about nine feet wide with no windows at all.

This building was a huge mansion on the corner that appears to be semi-occupied.  One or two apartments have lights on at night and there are plants in pots and a resident dog.  

More wall art where the paint has worn away.

In the image below I can't stop looking at the transition in this photo from elegant and almost pristine on the left to the underpinnings on the right.

Behind this wall is a parking lot created when the roof collapsed.

And one final look, the last water colour painting I did there, showing an occupied house on the left and one where the roof is gone allowing sunlight to shine out the empty windows. The flags across the top of the street are left over from one fiesta or another.  


  1. Excellent examples, and such strong contrasts.

  2. Joanna, you must by now know how much I enjoy your photos.
    But, your watercolors are outstanding beautiful.
    Now that your are back home how is your back yard, garden doing ?

    cheers, parsnip

    1. Thanks Parsnip, our garden is just waking up from its winter rest. We're hoping that the plants that went in last year will get a good growing season and start to fill in. Happy Pi Day.

  3. I like your painting very much. Just now catching up on your blog


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