Thursday, March 5, 2015

Home again in Victoria

We arrived home to brilliant sunshine on Saturday. Everything at home was fine and Geordie was happy to see us if a bit confused about the change in residents.  He has gained a little weight while we were away so has to go on a diet. Well, he's not the only one. I did the same thing and am undertaking some serious healthy eating.

Harry was sick with a cold on the plane home and took to his bed for three days once we arrived. He's only now surfacing. We are glad to be home and are finding many signs of spring here. (And feeling very lucky in comparison to people living on the east coast.)

It's such a different climate from Mazatlan. The temperature and humidity there in February were such that when we went outside we kept to the shade, and we spent the middle part of the day in the coolness of the apartment.  Here it's the opposite. The sun draws us outside around 10:30 and from then until about 4:00 is the energetic time of the day.

Here's a little contrast in colours between the two cities.

A couple of homes in Centro with the setting sun highlighting their brilliant colours....

And a Victorian house with the pale blue sky and pink blossoms.

We are gradually getting back into our Victoria life, catching up with friends and family and filling the calendar with errands and appointments. I've moved into my little studio. I've decided to try sharing the space with the woman that sublet it from me for January and February. We'll see how that works. I'm looking forward to getting back to work on the acrylic abstracts.

If you've been enjoying the photos from Mazatlan, don't worry. I am planning to post some more photos of the old part of Mazatlan as I came home with hundreds of images. Some I may use for future water colour subjects.

After spending two months in the tropics we've decided that we don't need such a long winter break. We had a great time and enjoyed our visitors and lots of activities, but after about three weeks you're not on holiday, you're living in a foreign country. We've done it before but we now realize there are so many places int he world to visit that we don't want to just keep returning to the same spot.

Next year we're thinking about the possibility of Spain or Cuba or Sicily. So many destinations, so little time.


  1. I'd heard spring had come early to the islands and the lower mainland in BC. Beautiful shots!

  2. It is so strange to see all the blooms when much of our East coast is overwhelmed in snow and ice.
    All the plants are blooming here. I hope that doesn't mean our summer will be here soon.

    cheers, parsnip

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