Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Wading in the water

When we return to Victoria on Friday, I think the one thing I will really miss is the beach with the silky turquoise water.  We have beaches at home of course but they're not like Mazatlan beaches. The water there is icy cold.

Here wading in the water here is sensuous and soft and I do it every chance I get. Whenever we're near a beach I drag Harry over and take my shoes off and walk along the shore.

Some people like to go out in a boat or fish or swim or read under a beach umbrella....

But when I'm at the beach you'll generally find me wading in the water.

Of course there are other waders too, of both the human and avian variety...

The birds are a lot more focused than I am, having to find their dinner in the waves.

My experience is more of a meditative one. I'm trying to memorize the silky feeling of water over my ankles. I'm hoping these photos will help me remember it.

I'm hoping they'll help you remember too.


  1. Please don't go home, we have been loving your posts from Mazatlan. I can see this in the future for us. Thanks so much and how can 2 months go so fast?

    1. You're quite right Ches, time flies when you're in the tropics.

    2. Your making me feel the waves on my skin! thanks for posting such beautiful pictures and always interesting comments ! oxoxo see you soon! Sue

  2. You've had quite a vacation! Beautiful shots!

  3. Goodness what a lovely photos.
    I must say when I moved to Tucson from Laguna Beach that is one of the things I miss, walking in the surf. Smelling the salt water, feeling the sun.
    Sometimes when the summer storms come up from from west Mexico you can smell the ocean in the rain here in Tucson.

    You will remember .
    cheers, parsnip

  4. Joanna do you still go swimming in the ocean? I remember you used to.


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