Thursday, February 12, 2015

All ready for the party

Carneval in Mazatlan is a very big deal. For weeks the city has been preparing for this five-day fiesta and by today everything was ready. There are big new palm trees planted along the Malecon, strings of lights criss-cross streets down in the old town and everything is painted and spiffed up.

This the Plazuela yesterday morning looking as clean and sparkling as it can be. The figure on the left is one of the monegotes that have been placed all over town for the celebration.

Tonight the fun began and we headed down to the old town for dinner and a walk around. Many areas are fenced off to vehicles and great big trailers are set up, some selling beer and others for those who need to relieve themselves. There are huge speakers placed all around and the cordoned-off streets are full of families with excited children. I think it will be an ongoing party.

Along Olas Altas at the end of the Malecon they are crowing the King of Joy tonight. It started at 7:00 with lively music and vendors selling sparkly flashing things and people in costume.

I think it ends later with fireworks. But by then we'll be in bed. It was fun to see a little bit of it tonight but tomorrow Sue flies home so an early night is in store. 

We are planning to see the grand parade on Sunday evening and we may wander down to see a few of the big events but for us older folk, a little Carneval goes a long way.


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    1. Yes, they are unusual. We will be seeing more over the weekend, and probably some will be more what you would expect at Carneval.


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