Friday, February 13, 2015

Flowers, pelicans and beautiful ruins

I brought my water colours to Mazatlan and have been having fun trying out some tropical subjects. I started with the flowers outside our apartment...

Then moved to the pelicans at the beach (which I found quite difficult to do)...

But now I've hit my stride with the ruined buildings which are everywhere here.  To my mind the water colour medium works well for these crumbling old buildings.  I'm going to keep taking photos of them so I can continue painting even after we get home.

The one below is peeking through a rusted grate to the interior of a fabulous old hacienda.

Many of the windows look into emptiness where the roof has collapsed and trees and shrubs are growing up in what was the interior.

Sadly most of these buildings will never be restored, although we're seeing some signs of interest in recuperating those that still have a roof.

These painting are very different from the abstracts I've been doing at home and I find them very relaxing to work on.


  1. Beautiful watercolors.
    It is a hard medium to work in.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. Thanks William and Parsnip. It is a challenging medium and I am gradually learning about it.

  3. I think your paintings are wonderful - I particularly like the flowers but they are all very lovely!

  4. I L O V E your paintings of the buildings! I can't wait to see them for real! They capture the light so beautifully. Carry on, even when you're home.

  5. Now that I'm home I'm catching up on your blog. Wow your watercolours are really impressive.


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