Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Japanese Snowbell

The Japanese Snowbell tree that we planted a few years ago almost died the summer before we moved in. Our tenants were engrossed with their new baby and forgot to water it for months. Last year it grew a bit but didn't flower. But this year it has burst into bloom.

On the left is Sue looking at the buds. There are literally hundreds of them, and they have a heavenly fragrance.  What a miraculous recovery!

Here's another little miracle--the goslings paddling around in the lake attended by their proud and protective parents.  Spring is so wonderful.  Hope you're enjoying it wherever you are.


  1. So happy you saved the tree ! It is beyond beautiful.
    I have never seen this tree before. So wish I could grow this but I live in the desert !
    With the overly hot weather Tucson has, and conserving water, I have a drip system.
    So when I can't get outside to water I know they will get water that day.

    Now the most important comment....
    Happy Birthday !
    Sorry, I am late and your card is sitting here on my desk.
    I know you had a wonderful day because you are the type of person who always does.
    But as always. . . . . . .
    Let there be cake !

    cheers, parsnip

    1. Thanks so much Parsnip for the birthday wishes. I did indeed have a wonderful day. No cake but fabulous Italian food and panna cotta for desert. Good thing you have a drip system there. We have it in the new part of the garden too and it's a boon. I still have to water my side yard and the pots--but that's not too hard in this climate. Take care. And I'm looking forward to one of your BEAUTIFUL cards. Hint, hint. Joanna

    2. I love Panna Cotta !
      Yum fun.

  2. Very pretty, and those goslings are cute!


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