Sunday, May 31, 2015

Thinking about the Federal Election

It hasn't been called yet--but electioneering is in full swing here on the west coast of Canada. Last time around we lived in a different part of town so we got to vote for Elizabeth May, the leader of the Green Party. Now that we've moved into town things are different. Plus, after four more years of Herr Harper and his evil cronies it's become crystal clear that things must change. Here's a photo from a fairly recent rally here in Victoria for Tom Mulcair. I would like to see him as our next Prime Minister.

Although I agree with much of the Green party's values I won't be voting for them. At least not in this election.  With the Conservatives on the right and three progressive parties on the left, we have to vote strategically so that the left votes wont be split three-ways.  That's exactly what happened in the last election--with tragic results. Harper won a majority with only 39 per cent of the vote.

So, although I'd like to vote green, this time I'll be voting for the NDP because that's the candidate that has the most chance of winning in my riding.  This time around there are strong Green candidates in most Vancouver Island ridings--and my fear is that they will take votes away from the NDP candidate and allow a conservative to come right up the middle.  Canada's "first-past-the-post" electoral system allows this to happen. And this has to change.

The NDP and the Greens have promised to change this system to one of proportional representation--so such a travesty will never happen again. But meanwhile, if you live in Canada ... and if you want to defeat Harper... the thing to do is to determine which candidate in your riding has the best chance of winning and vote for that candidate.

There are a few websites that can help you make that determination. Check out this one:  It explains it a lot better than I can.

Here in Victoria, I am supporting the NDP candidate. He won last time around and has done a good job. And in fact he's as green as the Green candidate in this riding. The NDP have have a good environmental policy and they care about families and services -- as well as business.  So this is not a wasted vote.

Don't waste your vote. Vote strategically this election. Vote to defeat Harper and return Canada to its roots and values.

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