Saturday, October 3, 2015

A short political message

I'm interrupting my Eastern Canada travelogue for this IMPORTANT POLITICAL NOTICE:

If the Red and Orange and Green parties (everyone in Canada knows which ones I mean) can’t get it together, then we the voters must take things into our own hands to defeat Harper.

The way the polls look now Harper will win a minority. But if everyone opposed to him voted strategically it could be either a liberal or an NDP minority with the conservatives greatly reduced at about 20 seats. We need to get the word out to empower people to make a change to the government.

There's a website that gives an up to date rundown with voting suggestions in just about every riding. Click on the link below to see which candidate in your riding has the best chance of defeating the conservatives.

AND then please forward this information far and wide. 

This must go viral to get the message out to everyone in Canada who wants a real change in government.

We can do this!

PS:  This is my last ditch effort. As of now I am shutting the door on worrying about the election as it is causing me to lose too much sleep. I've now done everything I can to get the word out about strategic voting. I'm counting on you to pass this message on.


  1. I'm pretty much finished with listening to polls... one says one thing, one says another, and the result is always something else, it seems.

    That sociopath currently occupying the PMO office must be removed.

  2. You Go Girlfriend !
    Shout it out and then I guess just hope for the best.
    I write once a year about illegals how they affect my border town and the U.S. but no one listens.
    Letter writing, phone calls nothing.
    I have to just let it go and my children will have to live with the mess. I give up.

    Hopping your message will wake up people and get rid of Harper !
    Good Luck.

    cheers, parsnip


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