Monday, October 5, 2015

Meandering through streets museums and markets

Another day in beautiful Quebec city yesterday. We spent the day wandering the streets of the upper and lower town, admiring the streetscapes and the 300 year old buildings.

We were heading for the farmer's market down by the quay. This funny old building just across the street from the market looks like it has a lot of history. It reminds me of something you might find in 16th Century London.

The market was wonderful, full of colourful foods of course. Here are few images. 

We resisted the macarons but succumbed to making a purchase from this guy was making hot fresh churros rolled in cinnamon and sugar. Yummers!

We spent the afternoon in the Museum of Civilization seeing exhibits on the history and sociology of Quebec, a display of carriages and sleighs, Inuit and Native culture, and a travelling display on the Magic of Egypt. We saw only some of the exhibits but it's overwhelming to absorb them all in one day.

I'll finish this entry with a few more images of the old city. This first one could be Paris, non? With the darling garçon at the table at the outdoor cafe. Yesterday there were more cruise ships in town (including the Queen Mary 2) so the historic area was very crowded.

I'm not sure if this is a public art installation (there are many of them around)... or seasonal decor. It seems that most businesses get into decorating for Halloween in a big way.

And finally the ornate entry doors of the Hotel Clarendon.

Today is our last day in Quebec City. We pick up a car tomorrow for our three-day drive to Montreal. This part of our trip is completely unplanned except that we know we'll be heading west. I've found there's a very historic road called the "Chemin du Roy" that is the oldest road along the Saint Lawrence. That will be our starting ppoint.


  1. It's a magical city. Beautiful shots.

    While in Montreal, I highly recommend a visit to St. Joseph's Oratory, near Mont Royal.

  2. What a lovely vacation !

    cheers, parsnip


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