Friday, January 15, 2016

Keeping busy

With all the changes in my household (loss of dog, Jamie moving away, and Harry going to Mexico to teach English for a month) I am working hard to keep busy and active. Otherwise the January doldrums will descend. But I've been doing exceptionally well.

I am part of a four-woman abstract art show at a "real" gallery on Fisgard Street. Fisgard Street is a very cool and artsy area of Victoria in its tiny Chinatown. We were invited to come at the last minute because there had been a cancellation. But we're not proud. We'll take a show in a commercial gallery for the exposure if nothing else.  Here are a few of my paintings in the show.

On Sunday afternoon we're holding an artist's reception and I'm busy baking my "famous" seed crackers to serve with wine and sparkling water.

What else have I been doing while Harry's away? Well, cleaning my house, going out for dinner at friend's houses, going for walks with friends, having people over for dinner, going to the gym and my aquafit classes. For sure I'm keeping busy.

Last summer and fall I couldn't walk very well because of a foot condition (Morton's Neuroma) but it's gradually improving and last week I walked around the entire Cedar Hill Golf Course with a friend. Hooray.  Here are a few images from that walk. Love those little duckies.

Another thing I'm doing is working on a larger painting for a woman who liked one of my smaller works in the December show. She's commissioned me to make a bigger version of it and I'm really enjoying this process.  I'll post photos of that project next time.  Happy New Year.


  1. What a wonderful post today.
    Love your paintings they have such a great color and spatial quality to them.
    I especially like the second small painting and the larger blue one.
    The first duck is so beautiful.

    cheers, parsnip and thehamish

    1. Thanks. I also like these two paintings. The commission I spoke of is to be based on the second small painting.

  2. Your painting in the second shot's my favourite. The ducks seem to be taking the presence of a photographer in stride!

    1. Hi William, the ducks are so tame because they constantly get fed in one spot along the path. Makes for easy photo taking.


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