Friday, January 29, 2016

Up in the mountains

I took a little trip up to Whistler Mountain with my friend Kath. She has just finished building a beautiful house right on Green Lake there. What a fantastic spot with its view across the water to glaciers on the other side! Here are few photos from the days up there.

The entrance to the house. You can see right through the door across the floor and out the lake beyond.

Of course it's frozen now, and Kath's grandson Dawson created a wonderful snow fisherman on the dock.

When we first got there it was pretty socked in but once we were settled into our chairs looking across the lake the skies cleared and we could see the gorgeous Armchair Glacier across the lake.

It wasn't that cold while I was there. In fact the snow was melting but it made for great mists and clouds. One day we drove north to Permberton, a gorgeous farming area known for its potatoes. I will remember it for the closeness of the mountains. It looks like the mountains are advancing towards us as we drive the road.

Here are a couple of patient horses in Pemberton and their lovely stable and farm.

I'm back in Victoria now getting ready for another little trip. This time I'm going with my sister to catch a little bit of sun in Puerto Vallarta. It seems only fair that if Harry's in Mexico I can spend a bit of time there too.


  1. Wonderful photos.
    The road to Pemberton is so beautiful !

    cheers, parsnip


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