Thursday, July 14, 2016

Stretch and Sip at De Vine Winery

My pilates teacher is so great. She's a fantastic teacher and also has great ideas for summer fun. Justina Bailey, owner of Studio Fitness offers a variety of classes. One is all about stretching and balance and movement based on the Aging Backwards techniques. And yesterday we got to have our class in an orchard in a fabulous winery on the Saanich Peninsula.

De Vine Vinyards is set in a gorgeous location on a sloping bench overlooking the Strait of Juan de Fuca and Mount Baker. When Sue and I arrived for our class after driving through the automatic gate and past the meadow and orchard up to the parking we thought we were in heaven.

That's the view behind our group when we posed for a photo after class. Justina is the gorgeous one in the blue and white tights and the long dark hair.

The winery offers daily tastings and Justina had organized a wine tasting with cheese and meat plates after our hour-long session.  But first we did our class in the orchard. You can see the view beyond the trees.

And here's a picture of the table under the arbour where we enjoyed lunch and wine afterwards. The the orchard can be seen just behind us. It was wonderful fun to sit together having lunch in the soft sun and chatting. Actually, I was right: we were in heaven.

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