Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Fall in the Fernwood

Some cheery photos taken over the past couple of weeks as fall arrives in Fernwood.


It's a neighbourhood of old wooden and brick buildings, some but not all of them restored.

And as you can see from the crane above Wellburn's Market, there's some building going on too.
We're really close to Victoria's downtown and a building boom is happening there. I think it's a good thing to create more density downtown and rental accommodation is badly needed.

Our little neighbourhood on the edge of downtown will be affected but not changed too much, I hope.
Here's our little house, where we're snuggling down for late fall and winter.


  1. Is that Harry walking in front of you ?
    Gosh what a wonderful place you live.
    Love the old brick building they are beautiful.
    It is finally getting cool here. Fall is here finally.

    cheers, parsnip

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