Thursday, November 24, 2016

Protesting Kinder Morgan's pipleline plan

On Monday night several hundred people gathered in Centennial Square beside Victoria's city hall for a candlelight vigil to protest Kinder Morgan's plan to build another pipeline to the BC coast to carry bitumen from Alberta's tar sands for export to China.

It appears that Justin Trudeau is poised to announce approval of this pipeline even though he campaigned and was elected on a promise to listen to communities before approving these kinds of things.

He needs to listen to British Columbia, where more than 65 per cent of the population is against pipelines and oil tankers. Trudeau signed the Paris Accord and this pipeline will just increase our emissions from the expanding tar sands.

Sorry it's such a blurry photo but it gives an idea of the gathering. You can't read the signs but I'll repeat a few of them here:

No to Fossil Fuels

No tar sands, no pipelines, trains, tankers

Climate Leaders Don't Build Pipelines

Our coast, our call

There are No Jobs on a Dead Planet

Sorry Alberta, our world takes precedence

If you want to send a note to our prime minister to tell him your thoughts on the pipeline project you can do so by emailing him at

Or you can click here to sign a petition.


  1. So much stupidity in the world. We down here always think of you as the smarter ones.
    So now your PM is as bad as ours.
    That is one reason Trump was elected, people so so tired of the lying political face (Hillary) saying what some want to hear and then when elected it is money as usual. So many of us are so tired of the very liberal PC east coast crowd talking down to and at us. I did not vote for Hillary or Trump .
    I hope you can stop the pipeline. You just do not need it. As we do not either.
    Good Luck !

    cheers, parsnip


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