Thursday, February 16, 2017

Puppy wonderfulness

Last year a number of old dogs departed from our lives. But now it's puppy time--and we couldn't be happier.  In January I drove up to Cobble Hill with my sister to help her choose a puppy. And she brought home a darling Havanese puppy she's named Toby. Oh he's just so cute. He looks like a plush toy that's come to life.

He's turning out to be a most wonderful companion for her, smart and cuddly and fast. You can see here how much Jan is in love with little Toby.

Today she's taking him to puppy class for the first time. How wonderful to have this little fluff-ball in our lives. We're the auntie and uncle and want to be part of his life so we can puppy-sit when she goes away.

And just this week we got to visit our other puppy pals, Raven and Rogue, two 13 week old border collies who are lucky enough to be new family members of my friends Linette and Mark. These two are seriously adorable and smart as whips.  Again, we get to the be auntie and uncle so we can get our BC fix from time to time.

Here you see Rogue and Rave looking up at "Uncle Harry."

We're not ready to commit to getting a dog ourselves so these puppies are perfect for us. They can come and visit but we get to give them back after a few days so we can pursue some of our travel plans in the coming months.

We've been enjoying dog sitting for a couple of canine buddies this year. We've spent time with Piper and Emmy, two different dogs both of who have some Border Collie in them. (I'll add their photos once we're back home.)

Our lives are full of dog wonderfulness.


  1. I am so envious !
    Been looking for a friend for thehamish for a year now and we can not find a match.
    I really do not want a puppy but an old dog that needs a new home.
    Would like a terrier, But most of the dog here in Tucson are pit bulls (to big for me) and chihuahuas(yappers, bitters and mean) The influx from Mexico and not neutering has left our shelters overcrowded. It is so sad. I see there faces and cry.

    You are so lucky with having these sweet dogs in your life.
    cheers, parsnip


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