Monday, February 6, 2017

Snow in Oak Bay

We're hanging out at a friend's place in Oak Bay for the month of February. She very kindly offered us the use of her condo because of a mix-up with holiday dates resulting from Harry's chemo. It's lovely really to be in a new part of town and it's kind of revitalized Harry who's in the last stages of his treatment.

Here's part of the reason we're enjoying it so much: the fabulous view from the living room. This was taken last week when the sun was shining and it felt spring-like.

But in the past two days winter has returned with a vengeance. Snow, snow and more snow.  Here's the same view this afternoon.

This the morning I took a little walk through the Oak Bay Native Plant Garden, a place I've driven by many times but never had the inclination to stop. It's filled with mature Gary Oaks and Arbutus--very pretty.

Oak Bay is named for the Gary Oak trees that predominate here. They really are lovely in the snow.

Our new temporary digs are a pretty nice place to snuggle in and wait out the snow....

Sure hope it doesn't last too long though, because we're scheduled to go to Vancouver on Wednesday to care for our niece while her parents are away doing important things. Cross your fingers that we can get to the ferry then. Victoria kind of shuts down in the snow so the trip may be a bit difficult if this doesn't turn to rain.


  1. Beautiful. I love the dark winter wood with the white snow.
    The third photo from the bottom of the road and gate is wonderful.
    Big beautiful trees with the pop of red.

    Good wishes to Harry !
    cheers, parsnip

  2. What a difference a few days makes. The snow looks very pretty.


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